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How Does It Work-Grease Traps and Interceptors

June 23, 2018

Below we discuss how grease traps and interceptors work. Sometimes we can assist you with fixing your plumbing or draining problems with a simple phone call. If you need help at all, you can give us a call at 757-245-0112. We are your plumbing and drain specialists and can fix all your plumbing and drain issues!




Below is a diagram explaining how the grease traps and interceptor flows.



It's not great idea to pour fats, oils, or grease down the drains of you home, the results can and are usually gross, expensive, it will clog your sewer lines, and can create problems at water treatment facilities, as well. It's the same process as your arteries,you can't intake just ANYTHING, your body could get clogged too. It's not impossible to rid you kitchen of these substances, knowing how to do it properly is sometimes the unknown. Once the grease, fats, or oils cool, simply pouring it into an empty jar or can and putting it in the trash is the best way to rid your kitchen of these. Before washing your pots or pans you should dry-wipe pots and pans to get the excess substance off and then proceed to washing.




Interceptors come in small versions that are specifically designed for indoor connection to individual sinks and other fixtures (usually with a less flow), and they also come in larger sizes which are specifically installed outdoors and underground, (usually with a greater flow). Both the "trap" and "interceptor" labels are used interchangeably for these different types, but you'll sometimes see the smaller unit referred to as a trap and the larger unit as an interceptor.


Larger establishments such as cafeterias, restaurants, etc. have enormous size kitchens than a residential home that disposes grease, oils, and fats in a far greater volume and frequency. .





Below is a pic of an interceptor.






A grease trap works by slowing down the flow of warm/hot greasy water and allowing it to cool. As the water cools, the grease and oil separates from the water then floats to the top of the trap. The cooler water (without the oils or grease) then continues to flow down the pipe into the sewer.



Below is a video explaining how a grease trap works.


"Hydro mechanical grease interceptors", are the smaller indoor types uses internal baffles that lengthens the path of flow, providing the required space and time for the separation process. Devices designed to control the flow of ventilation regulates the wastewater intake that is entering the device, it then allows air to mix permitting the oily, greasy substances to separate the solids from water. At the top of this particular tank is where the solidified greasy and fatty substances rest as the heavy solid foods fall to the tanks bottom.The waste is needed to be cleared and cleaned often, this is normally done by employees. Though some of these "hydro mechanical grease interceptors" do have an "automatic draw-off" or "automatic grease removal" features that will automatically remove most of the separated fats, grease, and oils from within the tank into a waste receptacle. This helps to keep the interceptor functioning, it also allows for the cleaning & maintenance to be less hectic.


The larger interceptors known as "gravity" or "passive" interceptors depend more on gravity and time to separate greasy, fatty, and oily waste substances which is about 80% lighter than water. This permits the larger tank's, internal baffling, and standpipes to increase the "retention time" on these passive units, leaving gravity to work its magic. These interceptors usually are cleaned out routinely by licensed plumbing and drainage professionals.



Below is a video that explains how a interceptor works.




Oily, fatty, and greasy substances is a popular component in some of our favorite foods, just know that these not properly being disposed of will quickly coagulate and is very vital to your plumbing and drainage system. Regardless of if it's you home or business the danger that dumping these substances down our drains is catastrophic to ALL of us. We have a responsibility to try and avoid disrupting our dwelling's arteries which involves making wise disposal decisions.






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